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It’s just for the day. There’s no season-long commitment by fantasy sports games.


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Create a lineup of 7 players and form a daily fantasy football team, in a few minutes.


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Not only the first place wins! Some contests have thousands of winners. This is daily fantasy sport.

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Daily Fantasy Sports by Daily Champion

Join us and form your team of daily fantasy sports or fantasy football and win cash prizes daily.
Join contests by creating a team of real-life football players from the big European leagues. During the football matches your team earns points for the real-life performance of each player. You compete against other sport lovers like you!
The champ is the one with the highest score! Once all the matches of the contest are finished, the price pool will be distributed across the winning lineups of the fantasy sports game.

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Contests on Daily Champion

Our Fantasy Sports games are for everybody. Entry fees range from Free to €100,-, with a diverse payout distribution. Daily Fantasy for cash prices and entirely free.

Daily Fantasy Football


The basis of daily fantasy games. Tournaments are typically distributing the money over the top 15% finishers with a top-heavy payout. The champion will receive around 30% of the entire price pool!

Head to Head


Head to head daily fantasy contests put two players one against the other. Winner takes all.

Fantasy Football Double Up

Double Up

Top half players win 2x the entry fee. It doesn't get any easier in daily fantasy sports.

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The Daily Champion software is optimised for both desktop and mobile, Mac and Windows, and is available on all browsers.

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